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Graduate Training

Ph.D. Level

The Program in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (PBSE): PBSE reflects the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of biomedical research at UCSC. This Ph.D. program crosses departmental boundaries and provides students with diverse research opportunities. PBSE predoctoral fellows have the opportunity to study biology at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels, and can take advantage of advanced laboratory facilities, computational tools, and a highly collaborative research environment. Faculty members from four departments participate in PBSE. Students apply directly to PBSE and select one of the following training tracks: 1) Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, 2) Mechanistic, Structural, and Chemical Biology, 3) Microbial Biology and Pathogenesis, or 4) Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology. Students are supported by training grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the National Human Genome Research Institute, and the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine. The program is also associated with one of the nation's most successful NIH Initiatives for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD) and other STEM Diversity programs at UCSC.

Masters Level

UCSC offers the following additional Masters and Ph.D. degrees programs in which students can also focus on biomedical topics:

Chemistry & Biochemistry   Computer Engineering
Computer Science   Electrical Engineering
Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology      


Undergraduate Training Programs

Human Biology: The B.S. major in human biology is designed for students interested in careers in medicine or biomedical research and satisfies the admission requirements for most U.S. medical schools. It is based on the existing B.S. degree in molecular, cell, and developmental biology, with similar course requirements in chemistry, physics, and math. Students are required to take five courses directly relevant to human health in addition to genetics, biochemistry, and cell biology. Students in this program must also fulfill Spanish language and health care internship requirements.

Other Related Bachelors Degrees: UCSC offers a number of other undergraduate degree programs in fields related to biomolecular science and engineering.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology   Computer Science
Bioinformatics   Electrical Engineering
Biology   Human Biology
Chemistry and Biochemistry   Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology
Computer Engineering   Neuroscience and Behavior

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