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The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry maintains several laser spectroscopy systems capable of measuring time-resolved spectra from the far UV to the near IR regions. Various systems are optimized to measure nanosecond resolution time-resolved absorption spectra, linear dichroism spectra, circular dichroism spectra, magnetic circular dichroism spectra, optical rotatory dispersion, and magnetic optical rotatory dispersion. Software is available to collect and analyze data to obtain kinetics and spectra of reaction intermediates from nanosecond to second time scales. Stop-flow capabilities for characterization of reaction intermediates on the millisecond time scale is now also possible with the new equilibrium circular dichroism spectrophotometer that has recently joined the department. This spectrophotometer will provide protein/peptide stability and structure information, which is critical for understanding the initial and final states of the reactions studied with our time-resolved instrumentation. These facilities are used in a wide variety of research, including photochemical and photobiological studies, examination of functional and folding mechanisms of peptides and proteins, and investigation of fast electron and proton transfer in proteins involved in mitochondrial and bacterial respiration.

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