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UCSC Biomedical Research Faculty Alphabetical Listing

UCSC hosts a wide range of biomedical research in seven departments within the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences and the Baskin School of Engineering. The vast majority of these scientists are found in the Departments of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology (MCD), Microbiology and Environmental Toxicology (METX), Chemistry and Biochemistry (Chem), and Biomolecular Engineering (BME).

Read short summaries of faculty research by choosing alphabetical faculty links below. You can also search thematically via our research clusters page or by department.


Faculty Member
Research Topic
James Ackman (MCD) Mapping Brain Circuit Structure and Function
Mark Akeson (BME) Control and Analysis of DNA and RNA Using Nanoscale Pores
Manuel Ares, Jr. (MCD) Intron Removal, Alternative Splicing, and Genomics
Victoria Auerbuch Stone (METX) Interplay between bacterial pathogens and the mammalian innate immune system
Phil Berman (BME) Biotechnology and Infectious Diseases
Needhi Bhalla (MCD) Chromosome Structure and Function during Meiosis
Hinrich Boeger (MCD) Promoter Chromatin Dynamics and Gene Expression
Barry Bowman (MCD) Membrane Function and Calcium Regulation
Rebecca Braslau (Chem) Mitigating Exposure to Phthalates Plasticizers from PVC Products, and Urushiol from Poison Oak & Ivy
Angela Brooks (BME) Transcriptome Analysis of RNA Splicing and Cancer
Manel Camps (METX) Use of Random Mutagenesis for Studies of Evolution and for Therapy
Susan Carpenter (MCD) Long noncoding RNA and Innate Immunity
Bin Chen (MCD) Mammalian Brain Development
Phil Crews (Chem) Marine Natural Products As Potent Agents Against Human Disease
David Deamer (BME) Biophysics of Membranes and Single Molecules
Dave Draper (AMS) Bayesian Statistics, Hierarchical Modeling and Bayesian Non-parametric Methods
Rebecca Dubois (BME) Structure, Function, and Engineering of Virus Proteins
Ólöf Einarsdóttir (Chem) Linking Energy Metabolism and Oxygen Utilization
Dave Feldheim (MCD) The Generation of Neural Connections
Russ Flegal (METX) Biogeochemical Cycling of Mercury in the Environment
Camilla Forsberg (BME) How Stem Cell Fate Is Decided
Ed Green (BME) Genome Sequence Assembly and Comparative Genome Analysis
Grant Hartzog (MCD) Transcription Elongation, Chromatin and Human Disease
David Haussler (BME) Bioinformatics, Computational Genomic Data Analysis, Molecular Evolution and Comparative Genomics
Lindsay Hinck (MCD) Cellular Interactions During Organogenesis and Tumorigenesis
Ted Holman (Chem) Biochemical and Inhibitory Investigations into Lipoxygenase: a Possible Therapeutic for Stroke, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Fungal Infections
Richard Hughey (CE) Bioinformatic Tools for Sequence Analysis and Prediction
Mike Isaacson (EE) Nano- and Microfabrication Technology for Biomedical and Diagnostic devices
Melissa Jurica (MCD) Structure and Functional Analysis of Spliceosomes
Rohinton Kamakaka (MCD) Transcriptional Silencing and Insulators
Kevin Karplus (BME) Long-read DNA Sequencing
Doug Kellogg (MCD) Control of Cell Growth and Size
David Kliger (Chem) Visual Pigment and Heme Proteins, Light, and Biological Processes
Joel Kubby (EE) Applications of Adaptive Optics for Biological Microscopy
Juhee Lee (AMS) Applications of Bayesian Models to Bioinformatics Data
Alan Litke (SCIPP) A High Energy Physicist Turns His Attention to Neurobiology
R. Scott Lokey (Chem) A Small Molecule Approach for Studying Signaling Pathways Related to Cell Motility and Cancer
Todd Lowe (BME) Large Scale Approaches to Study Whole-Genome Biology
Roberto Manduchi (CE) Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired
Pradip Mascharak (Chem) Delivery of Small Messenger Molecules to Biological Targets
Glenn Millhauser (Chem) Remarkable Protein Structures ..... and Where They Go Wrong in Disease
Harry Noller (MCD) Structure and Function of the Ribosome
Scott Oliver (Chem) Cationic Materials for Trapping of Heavy Metal Pollutants
Karen Ottemann (METX) How Bacterial Pathogens Sense and Respond to Host Environments
Carrie Partch (BME) Molecular Mechanisms of Circadian Rhythmicity
Nader Pourmand (BME) Single Cell Analysis and Manipulation, Biosensor, Nanotechnology, DNA Sequencing
Raquel Prado (AMS) Application of Bayesian Analysis to Biomedical Questions
Jevgenij Raskatov (Chem) Disease-Oriented Chemical Biology
Seth Rubin (Chem) Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Regulation and Cancer
Chad Saltikov (METX) Microbes and Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water
Jeremy Sanford (MCD) Post Transcirptional Control of Gene Expression
Bill Saxton (MCD) Organelle Transport and Neurodegeneration
Holger Schmidt (EE) Integrated Optofluidics: Detecting and Analyzing Single Molecules on a Chip
William Scott (Chem) Understanding the Structure-based Mechanisms of Ribozyme-based Theraputic Agents
Nik Sgourakis (Chem) Modelling the Structures of Protein Complexes from Sparse Experimental Data
Beth Shapiro (EEB) Inferring the Evolutionary Dynamics of Species and Populations Using Genome-scale Data Sampled Over Time
Alexander "Sasha" Sher (SCIPP) Neural Circuits: Function, Development, and Treatment
Donald Smith (METX) Mechanisms Underlying Responses and Adaptations of Organisms to Toxic Metal Exposures
Michael Stone (Chem) Assembly, Structure, and Regulation of the Telomerase Ribonucleoprotein
Susan Strome (MCD) Regulation of Germ Cell Development in C. elegans
Josh Stuart (BME) Computational Functional Genomics, with Application to Integrative Analysis of Cancer
William Sullivan (MCD) Cell Cycle, Cytoskeleton, and Host-pathogen Interactions
John Tamkun (MCD) Role of Chromatin in Gene Expression and Development
Christopher Vollmers (BME) DNA Sequencing Tools for the Analysis of B cells
Hongyun Wang (AMS) The ATP Synthase Modeling Project
Zhu Wang (MCD) Prostate Development and Cancer, Tissue Stem Cells
Ali Yanik (EE) Development of Nano-fluidic Platforms for Cancer Diagnostics
Fitnat Yildiz (METX) Ex-vivo Survival Mechanisms Used by Vibrio cholerae between Epidemics
Alan Zahler (MCD) Alternative Pre-mRNA Splicing Regulation and the Biological Role of Small RNAs
Jin Zhang (MCD) The Application of Molecular and Nanomaterial Systems to the Detection and Treatment of Cancer
Martha Zúñiga (MCD) Cellular and Molecular Regulation of Antigen Presentation in Health and Disease
Yi Zuo (MCD) Synapse Plasticity and Learning/memory

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